“Sound Scrub” is a part-zine, part-web game featuring the work of Thai designer Supisara Burapachaisri. “Sound Scrub visualizes “Riri Khao Saan (รีรีข้าวสาร)” in the form of a zine and web-based game where players can control the speed of the song by sliding across an interactive scrubbing user interface. This interpretation of the game embodies my frustration with the complexity of the Thai language, the struggle of constantly having to switch between Thai and English, and my solution of making do by devising my own hybrid language of Englai or Thailish.” 

Zine Designed and Published
by Social Species
Game and Animations produced
by Supisara

Included with the zine is access to the Sound Scrub digital web based game

Fold Out Zine
BW Offset printing + 1 color Risograph insert
Folded size: 6x9, Foldout size: 18 x 24”